MADMONQ as a healthy booster?

Hi. I’ve decided to translate my original Madmonq review (Czech version here) in English so everyone can read about my experience with it. Enjoy!

I have recently noticed an ad for a product called MADMONQ at one of my favorite Twitch channel. I was instantly intrigued by the packaging and immediately began looking for some more information about it. I was expecting a classic marketing scam, a ton of foreign lab tests together with charts and tables about product’s effects and similar things about how to lure people into buying it. On the website, however, you mainly find information on what it is, how it works and towards whom it is targeted. And so I bought the product and together with my friends we gave it a go. Now I am about to buy another package. Why? What makes these purple tablets which cost 22.95 € so special and are they even worth it?


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